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Stamps Book is dedicated to create an environment for users to manage and create the ultimate online stamps book with stamp images from all around the world. The goal is to create an archive of stamps for easy searchable reference. One thing we are very proud of is how we organize the stamps. You can browse by countries, subjects, themes and even themes within countries.

Stamps in this web site are free for anyone who wish to use them in their projects, web sites or any kind of use. Images may also be used commercially (with proper authorization from the user(s) submitting the images). You can also give us a reference/credit for using stamps from this site.


Help create the largest stamps collection

Do you have some stamp images on your computer? If the quality of the stamp images are good for references, feel free to upload the stamps to our collection. Lets work on creating the best stamps book online.

To get started: sign up for an account and upload some stamps :)

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